The Kniguru Prize

kniguruOn November 11, 2010, the Bol’shaia kniga committee announced a new award, Kniguru.  This prize will be for the best Russian work of 2010 for children and young adults.  The organizers note that the name of the prize was chosen by children. (It’s pretty good, isn’t it?)
A panel of children’s book experts will select first a long list of nominated books and then a short list of the best for a jury of youngsters ages 10-16 (those registered on the official site) to consider.  This “jury” will ultimately choose the winning book whose author will receive an award of 300, 000 rubles.

A press release from February 4 announces that the contest has now closed and there will be 403 books considered. The Fairy Tale and Fantasy are most popular in this first year, with the Young Adult realistic novel in third place.